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We should not prejudge motives of Obama agenda

Is it that time? The political scene seems to be getting an early start. The bashing of the newly elected administration started on Jan. 20. The president hadn't even finished saying his oath of office when we started blaming him for everything that has gone wrong with our lives.

We prejudged his motives and agenda because of color. Do we really accept the other half of his ancestry, which is white? American society only sees the black and does a disservice to his white ancestry. Are we so biased in America to let prejudice and racism rule our thoughts and actions? This is the image that is portrayed to the world.

I believe the Bible says judge not, lest ye be judged. (Walk a mile in my moccasins.) (I suffered religious persecution when I was in Ponemah grade school so I know a little about the Bible.)

Yes, it is our right to express ourselves (freedom of speech), to hold elected officials accountable. After all, they were elected by the majority which is what the (il)legal government states under the Constitution, and thanks to veterans like myself and family, and native Americans who fight alongside everyone regardless of color.

Couldn't we all just work together?

Helma Cloud Erle