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We need to keep our library healthy

Reading is a great way to hibernate during a cold, snowy Minnesota winter; and, if you are a book person, the place to go for those books, is Bemidji’s Kitchgami Library. It is one of the finest library systems I have ever used.

One of the many offering at our library is their inter-library loan system. Not only do you have access to Bemidji’s impressive inventory of books, you also have access to many surrounding area libraries as well, right from Bemidji. You simply order the book, and you will be notified when it comes into our local library for pickup. Books can be requested from Brainerd, Park Rapids, Longville, Blackduck, Pine River and other Kitchigami Library District Branches. This gives you access to seemingly unlimited books and authors. In addition, if you feel so compelled, you can order books from your home computer!

I also believe Kitchigami Library is working on expanding offerings for those who prefer the digital readers such as Amazon’s Kindle or Barnes & Noble’s Nook. They also offer myriad other services and activities for adults and kids. Visit their website,, and be prepared to be impressed by the many offerings.

I also am aware that our library is struggling with funding cuts, and I would hate to see anything happen to this community resource. There are various ways you can support our local library. Cash donations, book donations and volunteering are but a few. Kitchigami Library also sells used books to help raise funds. I encourage everyone to keep a close eye on our library; we need to keep it healthy and available into the future. We need to promote literacy in our communities.

Take time, to thank those responsible for this great community asset. People like Richard Anderson, our Beltrami County commissioner, Bemidji City Council and various city of Bemidji staff, board members who donate their time, KRL Regional Headquarters, local Branch Manager Paul Ericsson and his entire crew of paid staff and unpaid volunteers. The staff and volunteers I have dealt with in Bemidji are friendly, knowledgeable and energetic.

So regardless, if you like books you can hold, digital downloads, or maybe just checking out a movie or meeting local authors, Kitchigami Library District has all this and much, much more. They have given us all an unprecedented gift and I want them to know this library card holder appreciates it. Thank you.

V. Kirby Bahr