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We must protect our defenseless kids

We the people of these United States have much to learn about what is really happening here.

For decades our kids have not been taught the rich history of our country, deep thinking, self reliance and independence of living. This has led to our people wandering around “with their heads in the clouds or deep in the sand.” Reality is beyond them. Real issues of the day are totally remote from them.

Now when a happening hits home like what happened in Connecticut, they are unable to rationally react to a normal decision.

We have always had armed people in our state capitols, in the houses of Congress and an army of armed people guarding our president when he steps out of the White House. We must have armed people to protect our sweet, priceless, defenseless kids in our schools. There still must be some of us who can educate our politicians in honest, uncorrupt thinking or make them step down from their pedestals of power.