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We must find stimulus in other than money

The economy is still contracting and many nations are experiencing riots as a result. The financial system is like an ocean with rising and receding water lines. When the money pulls away from the financial shoreline, the plants and animals at the edge begin wither. The recession is being felt worldwide through starvation and dehydration. Where has all the money gone anyway? It is almost as if somewhere along the road to prosperity artificial value was created to make money for the powers that be. What has happened in the world now is that money is the directly equated to human life. No money no life. If the economy continues to contract so will life as we know it here on Mother Earth. If the system has no money will the companies keep producing; food, water, clothes, and shelter? And if the bees keep disappearing will there be food in the forest? If we the people cannot stimulate the economy by stimulating motivation then life as we know it will fail. Because the money will be gone and there will nothing left to motivate the populous to produce to their ability.

Please make no mistake, there is time; we are not down entirely yet but we must reduce, reuse, and recycle anything of useful value. That means total economic value incentives that do not include money. We can do this and save our way of life. Andrew M. GrageBemidji