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We must acknowledge our sin and repent

Repentance can only come when people see wrong, know and acknowledge that wrong, and turn away from that wrong. When we as a nation call what God has said is wrong, right or legal, it becomes difficult for people to see and repent of wrong. We now have a president and Supreme Court action from the past supporting the taking (murder) of innocent life. That is wrong.

It is a fool who says in their heart “there is no God” or “there is a God but He is not concerned with the affairs of men.” I believe we have a lot of fools living today and some of them are in positions of our country’s leadership. America is well down the broad path of self destruction.

We have slain over 55 million innocent babies through legalized abortion here in America and their blood cries out to the living God. The anniversary of that infamous 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision is here again Jan. 21. Forty years in the wilderness and we haven’t learned a thing except to expand our lustful ways. Now we want marriage to be with any Tom, Dick or Harry. The foundations of our country and society – life and family – have been killed and perverted by a people who knew God but would not acknowledge Him as God and so have been given over to their own lust and will suffer the consequences thereof. But we are too proud and will never acknowledge our sin and repent. We only see natural causes for the calamities that besiege our nation. How arrogant we are, never admitting our human frailties and helplessness in the face of an omnipotent God.

Our only salvation is repentance with a broken heart, begging for mercy from a loving God whom we have spitefully tried to use for our own benefit.

Let us mourn and weep for the babies we have sacrificed on our altars of self-serving pleasure, beg for forgiveness and turn back to God and His truth.

God have mercy on us.

Ken Glidden