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We don't need radical pro-abortion free-for-all

I recently sent letters to President Obama and my senators and representative to express my opinions regarding the highly debated health care reform bill being considered by Congress. I recognize there is a difference between something being legal and something being moral. I feel the taxpayer funding of abortion and the exclusion of real protections of conscience for health care professionals in the current version of the health care reform bill are so heinously immoral, they undo any good that passing the current bill would create.

I urge you to contact your elected officials and ask them to reconsider the inclusion of these atrocities and pass real health care reform that helps Americans get affordable medical care without asking taxpayers to fund abortion and without taking away a health care professional's right to choose to not participate in procedures they find immoral.

In many cases, the provider's freedom to practice their religion in a non-violent way would also be violated. This is a freedom many of us hold dear in this country, despite the fact that President Obama so badly would like us to be a "secular" nation.

Americans need health care reform, not a full-on radical pro-abortion free-for-all. I love being an American, but I do not appreciate being portrayed by our president as a self-serving secular person who doesn't care about others and their rights. Contacting our legislators is easy. I would encourage everyone to express their concerns regarding health care reform, abortion or any other issue they feel strongly about.

Rebecca Maki