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We can rush to war, but not to health care reform

After reading op-eds, letters to the editor, watching interviews of protesters and attending a local town hall meeting it is certainly clear what the protesters against improving our health care system are really protesting. It isn't tyranny as many claim because they would have been protesting the Bush-Cheney presidency when they rushed us to war with Iraq by giving us false and misleading information. We can rush to war but we can't rush health care.

After all we have only been talking about health care reform for a few decades. They would have been protesting the illegal, warrantless wiretapping of Americans. They would have been protesting torture and secret prison camps. They would have protested the firing of U.S. Attorneys for political reasons. They would have protested the billions of dollars wasted in Iraq by corrupt contractors. Dick Armey, with Freedom Watch, informs protesters how to disrupt town hall meetings, and has said that Medicare is tyranny. Think about that for a minute.

It seems the protesters other favorite word is s0cialism. According to the protesters, they want us to end all socialist programs. This would include Medicare, which Ronald Reagan fought so hard against back in the '60s, saying it was the end of democracy as we know it. How about Social Security, another socialist program; this also would be gone if the protesters ran this country. The Veterans Administration would also be gone because it's socialism.

What the protesters are really protesting is the reality of having a Democratic president, especially a black one, and a Democratic Congress. That was clear at the local town hall meeting. At least like most town hall meetings across the country protesters did not have their Nazi, Socialist, and Death to Obama signs. The "birthers" were also there -- could someone please explain to them that Hawaii is a state and therefore Obama can be president?

The GOP has made it clear they want health care reform to be Obama's Waterloo. A majority of Americans wanted change and an administration that really would put country first. Making needed changes in health care does that. I do have hope that health care reform will pass congress this year, because as Jon Stewart said, if the Republicans can sell America on a war it doesn't need, Obama and the Democrats should be able to sell Health Care Reform that Americans do need.

Roger Wing