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We all don’t need to live the same

In regards to Willow Frishman’s Oct. 13 letter: First I need to ask why are people continually trapping cats and other animals. We have skunks come through our yard. They leave. What was the reason to trap the poor thing?

Next, yes our law enforcement is kept busy. By a lot of unneccesary calls that do not need to be dealt with by a police officer. Example: The statue at the lakefront had a box placed in it, and they referred to it as “suspicious activity.” People are constantly calling the cops when two people are swearing at each other. Verbal domestic. I used to swear loudly when I was pregnant. If the police would have been called each time I screamed they may as well have moved the law enforcement center to my front yard. For god sake, let people argue without police interference.

There was a time when the police would have said, “Ma’am, there is nothing the cops can do. They have a right to argue and swear.” If someone gets their jaw jacked, let them. They will learn who not to associate with.

No one seems to be allowed to have any privacy at all. The dogs and cats do not even have privacy. Any poor animal running around gets the cops called on them and they are sentenced to a five-day death row state of affairs. I personally would like to see the cats running freely to catch mice.

There definitely seems to be a war raged on the natives and those with reservation plates. They can’t move in any direction without polite white society calling the cops on them for a miniscule infraction.

Remember, we call do not need to live and breathe exactly the same way. Straying off the standard norm does not need law enforcement interference.

We all need our privacy and to be left alone to be different. The only things to tattle to law enforcement should be murder, rape and burglary. Leave the rest of the so-called crimes along. They will sort themselves out. Not all crime needs to be addressed, either.

Sandy Bean