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WCHA not biggest news

Arrogance, pompous, egotistical and self-serving were the first words that came to mind after reading Tom Serratore's comments about BSU men's hockey team being accepted into the WCHA. To say that "There's not any news that has ever impacted this community and university like being inducted into this prestigious conference," is lunacy. Throughout the history of this community and the university there have been numerous events that have made a huge impact on the lives of people living in this area and beyond. Perhaps the largest of these would be the actually founding of the university (Bemidji State Normal School.)

Followed by the school's evolution from elementary teacher training to the multi-disciplined institute of higher learning that it is today. (If Cass Lake had gotten its way, there would be no college hockey in Bemidji.) Mr. Serratore seems to be suffering from extreme shortsightedness. He is correct in one statement. "There are people who aren't born yet who will be impacted by the WCHA." Since getting into the WCHA was contingent on BSU getting a new hockey rink, (event center) and by many accounts the new hockey rink/event center will never turn a profit, the yet unborn will be impacted by having to subsidize the center.

Matt Havumaki