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Votes, interactions will do the talking

Last week I began my first term as State Representative (District 2A), and I’m excited to get to work right away. I’ll have a great opportunity to work on issues that affect every corner of our district. As part of the Agriculture Policy, Education Policy, and Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Finance Committees, I’ll be able to act as your voice in St. Paul at every turn.

There will be times when disagreements will occur. But I’m not interested in partisan bickering. I’m here to find solutions to problems that we are facing every day in our district.

I’ll continue to fight for our schools, for property tax relief, and for strong agricultural and environmental policy. I will make governing without gimmicks one of my top priorities and I will work with others whenever possible. We need to fix the budget problems facing our state without borrowing from Minnesota schools or from future revenue.

Throughout the session, I will let my votes and my interactions with you, my constituents, do my talking. If you have concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always willing to talk with you about any vote or position I’ve taken as your State Representative.

Rep. Roger Erickson