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Voter ID would be unfair to eldery, poor

I was visiting a friend in an assisted living facility several weeks ago. It happened to be primary election day. The staff at the facility did a marvelous job of getting the residents lined up to cast their votes.

It was at the same time a sad and inspiring time. It was inspiring to see how much being able to vote meant to the residents. And it was sad to watch a number of the residents struggling to find where to go to vote and how to get to the voting place.

As I projected ahead to this fall’s election and the photo ID amendment, I began to worry about the difficulty the amendment will create for those who have voted faithfully for a lifetime. It seems to me that this amendment puts and unfair burden on the elderly and the poor. It seems to me that the photo ID amendment will take away some of the unalienable rights endowed to all of us by our creator, especially the right to vote without being hassled.

Dennis Brovold