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Voter ID ensures 'clean' elections

Under a democratic form of government, the right to vote and a "clean" election process are both essential to ensure the "will of the people" is properly reflected in choosing political leaders and developing public policies.

In this regard, the vast majority of voters on both sides of the political aisle favor legislation that safeguards the voting process from fraudulent activities. Unfortunately, in recent elections, significant unlawful practices have crept into the voting system, including improper voter registration by ACORN, illegal voting by felons and abuse of same-day voter registration by non-residents using invalid home address information.

Many states have already enacted voter ID legislation to curb these kinds of fraudulent activities. Minnesota citizens need and deserve similar legislation to preserve and protect the integrity of our voting process.

Opponents of voter ID laws claim they "suppress" voting by certain groups such as seniors, students and poor people. This is a baseless claim without factual merit.

In fact, these same groups of people already are required to provide photo ID on a regular basis to accomplish normal daily activities such as obtaining a fishing license, cashing a check or buying a six pack. Photo ID does not inhibit their ability to carry on with normal daily business transactions. Likewise, it certainly will not inhibit their ability to participate in a legal voting process. Additionally, individuals with physical disabilities can still utilize the existing absentee voter ballot if desired and/or necessary.

Gov. Mark Dayton is on the wrong path in opposing voter ID in Minnesota. In fact, the Democratic Party recently held a state convention in Massachusetts to elect their political leaders. What do you suppose was required to enter the convention hall and vote? Yes, you guessed right - photo ID was required to participate. It seems Gov. Dayton is even out of touch with his own party's photo ID requirements.

Let your voice be heard in November. Speak loud and clear in support of "clean" Minnesota elections by implementing a common sense voter ID requirement.

A.L. Kleinke