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Child, father die after kayak overturns on Hart Lake in Hubbard County

Vote ‘yes’ to give a voice to our children

On Nov. 6 we have the opportunity to exercise one of our basic democratic rights: the right to vote. No matter what partisan line you follow I think we can all agree that our children’s education remains a top priority as we head to the voting booths this November.

As a recently retired first grade teacher and media/technology specialist (23 years), I have witnessed first- hand the benefits the existing referendum have made possible for our children. A strong educational system promotes a more vibrant community.

Please vote “yes” to extend the $501 current operating levy for Bemidji Area Schools. Your “yes” vote will be supporting all-day, everyday kindergarten, lower class sizes and new school buses.

It is our civic duty to vote, but it is our moral obligation to give a voice to our children who deserve a quality education. Remember, they are our future. Please vote “yes.”