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Vote ‘no’ to keep the conversation open

I’m writing today in hopes of connecting with a few people who believe that they don’t know any gay people. Maybe, though, you know me. I’ve been with my fantastic boyfriend, Rob, for two and a half years now. Someday soon, we hope to get married. If the current marriage amendment is approved, we won’t have that chance as long as we live in Minnesota.

I’ve worked in the local mall for over a decade. I’ve worked at the now absent B. Dalton, at JCPenney, and now at my current position at the corner store in fine jewelry sales. I’ve worked here for nearly eight years. In that time, I’ve had the opportunity to help many wonderful couples find the rings to celebrate the love they share. The best part of my job is just getting to know people, sharing in the rich diversity of experiences from the lives of the many people I serve. All of the couples I’ve worked with, opposite-gender and same-gender pairs, want to get married for the same reasons. They love each other and they want to build a life together. Whatever individual details may vary, those reasons don’t change.

Before you vote this November, and I hope that you will vote, please consider what you would want in my place. Please vote “no” to the marriage amendment and keep the conversation about same-sex marriage open. It won’t legalize gay marriage. It will let us continue to discuss what we have in common and continue the dialog about our differences so that we can come to a better understanding of one another.