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Using cancer to push a vegan diet wrongheaded

No one in his right mind would deny the importance of cancer prevention, but Krista Haynes' cynical use of Breast Cancer Awareness Month to promote vegetarianism is just plain wrong. ["Lifestyle, diet changes can reduce breast cancer risk," Oct. 7] The Cancer Project is an offshoot of the misnamed Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a notorious animal rights group. Neither one is a mainstream nutrition organization.

Only 4 percent of "Physicians Committee" members graduated from medical school. And two-thirds of its budget comes from the wealthy founder of the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida. Responsible nutritionists often remind us that it's irresponsible to arbitrarily focus on just one food or another in our public health discussions. There's anecdotal evidence, for instance, that eating tofu and other soy-based foods increases the risk of developing dementia. Somehow, I doubt Ms. Levin would consider that a compelling reason to eat meat.

David Martosko

Director of Research

Center for Consumer Freedom

Washington, D.C. 20005