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University of North Dakota introduces new logo

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University of North Dakota introduces new logo
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The UND athletic department's interlocking "ND" imagery has undergone some cosmetic reconstruction.

The redesign and enhancement are part of an effort to build a stronger brand and achieve more consistency with its uniforms and merchandise, the school said.

UND athletic director Brian Faison said the change has no hidden agendas.

The new look is intended to complement the official Fighting Sioux logo, he said.

"We'll continue to use the current Fighting Sioux logo," Faison said.

"As with most sports franchises, we had been looking at the interlocking "ND" since I got here, and we felt we needed a redesign."

UND athletics worked with The Joe Bosack Graphic Design Co., located in Pottsville, Penn., to redesign the interlocking "ND".

The company also added a new family of logos for use on the athletic department's apparel, printed materials, digital applications and merchandise.

A custom "Nodak" font has also been designed to accompany versions of the imagery.

Sioux fans can expect to see the imagery this season on football and men's basketball uniforms.

The new interlocking "ND" is optional on new UND uniforms. The men's and women's hockey teams, with new uniforms this season, will continue to use the current Fighting Sioux head logo.

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