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An unexpected pay-it-forward moment

After church last Sunday we stopped for lunch at Pete’s Place West. After enjoying a delicious meal, my wife spotted the raspberry pie and she decided it would make lunch complete. When we received our bill we noticed the waitress had neglected to charge us for the pie, so consequently we brought it to her attention and she made the correction.

On the way out if the restaurant, a young man tapped my husband on the shoulder and said, “I overheard you telling the waitress about not charging you for the pie, and for that reason I want to pay for your meal.”

My husband replied, “You can’t do that,” and he answered, “Oh, yes I can” and put the money in my husband’s hand.

Being overwhelmed by this kind gesture, we proceeded on our way without officially thanking him. We hope he will read this letter and know how blessed we were and that he, too, will realize what an impact this act of kindness meant to us.

Given the opportune time comes, we would like to repeat this fine gesture.

Bernard and Donna Fossand