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Tree service's rescue efforts were the cat's meow

This is a heartfelt "thank you" to the Wood Chucks Tree Service for rescuing our treed cat. Last week our cat Solomon was scared high into a tree by a neighbor dog.

The poor cat was stuck all evening and all night long and could not find a way down. My husband found a pair of tree climbing spurs in the garage and had every intention of going up the tree himself until I gently dissuaded him. I didn't want a husband in the ER along with the cat in a tree. I called the local fire department but they were unable to help us or suggest any group or company that was in the business of rescuing cats.

Eventually I started making calls to different tree service companies. When I called WoodChuck Tree Service, I was able to reach Chuck Ellis, the owner, immediately instead of being directed to voicemail. He and his crew came over within 10 minutes and quickly and easily rescued a grateful Solomon. And then they told us it would be "no charge."

How's that for service? Thank you so much!

Ellie Holloway