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Trail Mix: Well, there goes this year's streak...

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Trail Mix: Well, there goes this year's streak...
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Laurie fell while walking today. So there goes the whole "we haven't fallen in how long" question that we were debating, I think, last week.

But I'm getting waaaaay ahead of myself!

First off, today was a nice day out - when you were walking the right direction anyway. One way was rather windy and cold on my face; the other direction was warm and I seemed almost overdressed. *Sigh* Minnesota winters.

Really, this have been a rather nice winter. I was telling Laurie today that, while walking, I think I've probably only worn a coat for those 2-3 weeks that it was bitter cold ... and I am still only wearing two layers of pants. (I usually wear my beautiful, red sweatpants over my work pants, but I do have a set of long underwear at work for those days where I need something more. I just haven't broken into that pile yet this season.)

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