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The topic is sensible control of firearms

I was skimming through the April 16 edition of the Pioneer and ran across an article by Steve and Cokie Roberts entitled, “What are we afraid of?” First of all I would like to commend the Robertses on their use of the right to free speech. I don’t think they understand how fragile such a blessing can be.

In their commentary they write, “The American government can certainly be wasteful, maddening, frustrating. But evil? Tyrannical? Believing that is crazy. And profoundly undemocratic and unpatriotic.” However, in my experience a politician does not suddenly become a saint when he or she steps into office. In fact it seems plain to me that the government is made up of regular people (not benevolent monks), and if normal individuals are capable of evil, so is any government.

The Second Amendment (or the right to bear arms) was enacted for the express purpose of allowing citizens of this country the right to own weapons to defend our Constitutional liberties. It has no other reason for being. That right to free speech the Robertses are using when they publish their commentary was purchased with those arms.

What it means to have sensible control of firearms is another matter entirely, and has been a conversation point in this nation since its infancy. The debate will surely continue, and both parties will be given a voice. Anything otherwise would be “profoundly undemocratic and unpatriotic”.

Gerald P. Illies