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Too much government control of the people

We have become the land of government control. Every facet of our life has a government entity that has a grip on us.

The food industry has government people out looking but is there much being done? Meat is stamped with a purple ink that we, the consumers, must deal with when we cook it. Was it really inspected or was it stamped as they went along the rows of meat?

The trucking industry is so regulated the trucker cannot rest when they should. Their fuel stops require the miles to jibe with their eating and sleeping.

Our educators are governed by useless teacher unions which fight to keep worthless people in the field. The government paperwork to deal with kids' tests is questionable. Are we satisfying government or teaching kids?

If people would study their congressional representatives, they may find out which are good and which just pretend to be good.

I know Maxine Waters of California publicly made a slip of the tongue stating, "It takes quite awhile to get people under control."So I see this to be the purpose of our government.

It's time we controlled government. Study the candidates. We might have a better vote this fall.

Patsy Bender