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Tom Purcell has it backward

Tom Purcell’s Sept. 5 lavish praise of the Republican model requires this Democrat to light a few candles to illuminate his misstatements, i.e., free-spending Democrats versus conservative Republicans.

Ronald Reagan came to the presidency in 1980 after 30 years of stable national debt. He promptly rewarded his wealthy cronies with tax cuts and quadrupled the national debt.

His successor, George H. W. Bush, grabbed the reins and drove through additional big boy tax cuts and almost doubled the nation’s debt in four years.

Then Bill Clinton, our Democratic revivalist, came to office and promptly reinstalled tax fortitude in 1993 with a Democratic congress that fixed the country’s fiscal woes and gave us budget surpluses during his last two years in office.

Now comes George W. Bush, who decidedly cuts taxes twice and sends us back into red ink, plus initiating two major wars with no plan to pay for them. Again the debt almost doubled.

Now we have Barack Obama, who inherited this fiscal mess and near depression to make decisions to save the country, such as extending unemployment compensation, saving the American automobile industry, the banks, the stock market, etc. Plus ending one war and winding down the other and on and on ad infinitum. Almost half of his red ink is carryover from his predecessor.

Barack needs help such as a responsible Congress that will acknowledge the need to pay its bills and create guidelines for corporations and industry to walk the line of integrity.

Thanks for the reminder, Tom, but you seem to have these measures in reverse.

Accordingly, I’m still a Democrat, proud of it, and willing to make the small sacrifices necessary to restore America to No. 1.

I invite everyone to review a statement made by Franklin D. Roosevelt: “The test of progress is not whether we add to the abundance of those who have much, but whether we provide enough for those who have little.”

Kenneth L. Heim