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Timeline for Affordable Care Act implementation

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By Don Davis

Forum Communications

A timeline for implementing the Affordable Care Act.


- Affordable Care Act becomes law


- Tax credits begin for small businesses to help provide employee insurance

- Federal funds available for states to expand health-care for the poor

- Aid available for employers to provide health coverage for retirees 55 to 65 years old

- Federal health plan begins for uninsured with pre-existing conditions

- Young adults up to 26 years old may be covered under parents’ plans

- Insurers must pay all costs of some preventative services, such as mammograms and colonoscopies

- Lifetime limits on insurance coverage outlawed

- Children with pre-existing conditions may not be denied coverage

- Rural health care providers receive more federal aid


- Medicare recipients get free preventative services and some receive discount on brand-name drugs

- At least 80 percent of health care premiums must be spent on benefits and quality improvement, or insurers pay a rebate


- Rules begin to reduce paperwork and other administrative costs


- More federal funds available to states that provide preventative services to the poor and children

- Payments increase to primary care doctors who care for the poor


- Employers, other than small businesses, must provide insurance coverage for workers or pay a penalty

- Insurance companies cannot discriminate based on pre-existing conditions or gender

- Annual limits on insurance coverage outlawed

- Tax credits offered for people making up to four times the poverty rate to help make insurance more affordable

- Government-run exchanges begin to provide a place for the uninsured and small businesses to buy health insurance

- More poor Americans get access to Medicaid

- Most uninsured who can afford insurance must pay a fee


- Doctors to be paid, at least in part, based on the quality of care they deliver