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Child, father die after kayak overturns on Hart Lake in Hubbard County

Time to take a look at society, not God

Thank you, Bemidji Pioneer, for printing Susan Brown’s commentary “Where was God during marathon?” on April 18.

With the ever-increasing amount of violent acts, committed against perfectly innocent victims, in the United States recently, I think your Opinion page article was right on. Let’s not blame God for these horrible crimes man does to his fellow man, let’s put the blame where it belongs: sick people, who live amongst us.

God was there, just like at New Town, in the first responders, law enforcement, clergy and the millions of people around the world, whose prayers go out to the victims.

We are a country of laws and wonderful freedoms, admired by the rest of the world, but we, too, have terrorists and are fast becoming a nation surrounded by the evil deeds of so few that affects the lives of so many. We have to take off our rose-colored glasses in the U.S. and realize hate, corruption, prejudice and unthinkable acts are not going away anytime soon.

Our nation as a whole has to take a sobering look at ourselves and our society, and look where our priorities are. We are running out of prison space to put “bad” people, our courts are overflowing with “bad” people, and being armed to the teeth is not stopping these tragedies one bit. Today’s (April 18) newspaper article on the front page “Profile of a Killer” event slated for Friday, “where moviegoers can meet actors from the film, and win prizes” kind of says it all for me. What is wrong with our society you ask? I think it is us. Please don’t blame God.

Terry Larson

Cass Lake