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Time to put teeth in our foreign policy toward Iran

It is time for action against Iran. What to do about Iran is a vexing question. There is unrest in the Iranian general population with their government. Iran's leaders have publicly stated that they want to erase Israel from the face of the Earth. It is no longer a question as to if Iran will have nuclear weapons, but when. The United Nations offers endless resolutions that really have no effect on Iran, in effect making the U.N. impotent. Western European nations are soft on Iran because of commercial activity with Iran. Russia and China just watch. And, what do we do?

Well, so far it seems like very little. President Obama wants to "talk" with the Iranian leadership about peaceful solutions, but they simply snub him. We have made efforts with other countries to bring strong economic sanctions, but to no avail. We seem to have distanced ourselves from our greatest ally in the region, Israel, and have suppressed Israel from attacking nuclear facilities in Iran, most likely.

And now, we seem to have our eyes on other crises and have put Iran on the backburner. Perhaps we are hoping that China will come to its senses or that the Iranian people will rise up or that Russia will give Iran the "word" to stop the development of high-grade nuclear materials. All very doubtful and, in the meantime we bobble, wobble and weave further into a morass that will have us waking up one day with the announcement that Iran has a nuclear weapon and is building more.

I think it is time for the United States to put teeth in our foreign policy and do to Iran what we did to Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. Initiate an embargo (blockade), which is tantamount to declaring war. No oil or other products allowed out of Iran and no products, other than some humanitarian aid allowed into Iran. A big gamble? You betcha it is. But isn't it a bigger gamble to sit around facing more of the same o same o and watching Iran become a serious adversary of world peace and stabilization?

Fulton Gallagher