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Those who hire licensed captains know the best

I am writing in response to Chris Haley's letter to the Pioneer's Dec. 23 edition. Unfortunately Mr. Haley misses the whole point. I am a Coast Guard licensed captain who operated a charter fishing boat on the Atlantic Ocean for 18 years. I hired a captain and served an apprenticeship on my own boat for two years in order to qualify for my license. The safety practices I learned from the much older and more experienced captain were used daily for all those years. I didn't resent the Coast Guard for requiring that I gain that knowledge and experience before sanctioning me but rather appreciated the confidence that passing the required training and subsequent test instilled in me. I was and am proud of the work I did.

It seems Mr. Haley expects his customers to put their blind trust in his unproven abilities. So, Mr. Haley, if you did the work and earned the title of captain perhaps you would understand the Coast Guard's responsibility to know who you are and what your abilities and skills are. I for one am thankful they place those requirements on those taking our wives and children onto the waterways.

Dolf Corvelli