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There is another side to Bemidji chicken story

The article was about my chickens inside the city limits in which a man complained on his mother's behalf about them being a health hazard. I believe that the paper has failed to represent my side of the story.

These chickens are for the education of the community. They are an example of a sustainable and healthy way to raise our food locally. The birds I raise get fresh air, sunshine, green grass and bugs. I find that this makes them a healthier alternative to factory-raised poultry. With my small-scale poultry project I intend to improve the health of the community by improving the nutrition of our locally raised foods.

From the research we have done with a number of health departments and poultry experts we have found no possible physical connection between the health of the neighbor and the healthy chickens. Proof of the doctor's notice was never verified.

We believe the reason to revoke the permit is not justified. The chickens have nearly an acre of land. They have at least four times the amount of space recommended for birds on pasture. They are kept in portable electric netting and moved to new ground weekly. With the frequent moves there is no overt smell, and the roosters are not of age to make any loud noises.

I invite anybody to check out what is happening at the property to get a better understanding of the situation before assuming them to be in any way offensive. I am asking that my permit be reinstated so that the property owners may continue to apply and receive permits for further small-scale agriculture projects in the future.

Sam Kvale