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Thanks for rejecting city rental moratorium

It was good to see that at least four Bemidji City Council members voted to protect homeowner's property rights; even if they were reluctant, they did the right thing. The Pioneer's coverage was weak, but at least you helped bring it to the forefront of public awareness. This vote really showed the council member's true colors. And for the three of you who voted for the rental moratorium -- shame on you! You aren't working on behalf of the city; it's perfectly clear you're working for yourself.

As far as Ron Johnson's comments comparing the problem to a leaky bathroom and needing to cut off the problem at its source, his reasoning is faulty and laughable. With his leaky bathroom logic, if a homeowner has a problem, Ron would cut off the water supply to the entire city. Ron, just because you have a problem in your neighborhood, don't try to trample my rights. What Ron was basically trying to do was to rub out thousands of residents' property rights so that his problem would be improved. Shameful!

And, saying "we're all in it together" -- what a bunch of B.S. We're not in this together. This is your problem. Don't try to make your problems my problems, and don't try to make me responsible for your problems; and don't expect me to sacrifice my rights for your happiness. And, as far as putting the three council members who voted in favor of the moratorium in charge of the committee to study the situation, well, isn't that a little like putting the cat in charge of the canary?

Ed Farmer