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Thanks to Lueken for the good work

Thank you, Joe Lueken. Nice to know there are still good people like you still around for what you have done and built for Bemidji. No wonder your employees are proud of you and the business. For not being greedy even now when you take a well-deserved break.

Too many times what someone built and worked hard to get ends up going to another or the kids who do not know what it is like to work for it. Then the greed, jealousy and “all about me” comes into play. When they realize they can’t do it they hire a manager and when that turns out to be a disappointment, the parents must shake their heads with shame.

Not the Lueken’s name. When my family is together and if the Lueken name is mentioned, my mom, to this day, every time will say what a wonderful man and a wonderful boss that Joe Lueken is. She is now 87 and worked for Joe at his first store.

Thank you, Joe Lueken, for giving her those memories. Enjoy your time. You deserve it.

Jim Braaten