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Thanks to BSU for Eurospring support

It was a great pleasure to return once more to Bemidji State University to lecture and promote the Eurospring program. I have had the honor to be the Eurospring academic director and the principal lecturer, unbroken, since BSU began its Eurospring association with Oxford and Wycliffe Hall in 1977. An ongoing record for BSU, I suspect, and perhaps for American higher education.

I am always touched when I meet old Eurospring students who say "Eurospring changed my life" or "Eurospring inspired me" or "it gave me the confidence to travel abroad." On my 2013 trip alone I met two ladies who told me that they had been on Eurospring in 1980. One had met her husband on Eurospring, and another brought along her daughter, who had been on Eurospring in 2012, and was just full of enthusiasm for the program as was her mother, 32 years apart.

But let me thank BSU and the Bemidji community for your wonderful and enthusiastic support for Eurospring over 38 years. And please keep coming. For we all so enjoy teaching and inspiring you.

Dr. Allan Chapman

Oxford, England