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Thank you to our heroes in the storm

On Monday evening, I heard there was a storm coming. So I started listening to my radio scanner, and what I heard needs to be shared, and unsung heros recognized.

I will start with our volunteer storm trackers. These folks are trained to observe clouds, winds and other traits of serious storms. So, when a major storm approaches, they leave their homes and go to strategic locations and make reports to analysts in Grand Forks. Some people flee danger; these people drive into it and their observations save lives. These are the people of the Paul Bunyan Amateur Radio Club.

The other heroes are our police, sheriffs, firefighters and ambulance crews. In particular, I want to recognize our emergency dispatchers. Their job is to gather information, field 911 calls, and make critical judgment calls to get our professionals where they can do the most good. On an evening of 70 mph winds, rapid reports of downed power lines, and Diamond Point Park full of visitors, they remained calm and made the decisions needed to maintain our safety.

Thank you for a job well done.

Phil Avery