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Term limits for Congress would help U.S.

At last census we have over 300 million people in the United States. I find it hard to believe that the best we could do is in Washington D.C. While they try to work out a plan from whom to take money, the American people were left hanging. I suppose we should feel fortunate that they came back early, from their latest month-long vacation, to do the work they should have completed months ago.

Let’s try to understand what had happened. They have given money to Alaskan fisheries, bought new cars for federal agencies and given millions to algae growers, as we found out last summer algae grows for free. Let’s not forget tax breaks to Hollywood to produce the garbage they do. Hurricane Sandy victims can wait; it is more important to take care of the parasites of society than to help the people that truly need help.

There is also the executive order authorizing pay increases for Congress for the good job the might do. The president is limited to eight years, the Congress and Senate should also be limited to 12 years or less. With term limits more would be done to help America and not worry about reelection. While the United States burns our elected officials fiddle.