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Tea party protesters miss the mark with message

Much like the tea party in "Alice in Wonderland," the right-wing tea party protests spouted amusing nonsensical blather. Have they forgotten that George Bush ran up a $1.3 trillion deficit and raided the Treasury for his Wall Street patrons before riding off into the sunset?

Have they forgotten the illegal war, the phone taps, the torture, the attacks on science and the environment? Real conservatives "conserve." They protect liberty, the environment, the health of families, peace, decent paying jobs, the future. Banking policies, real estate Ponzi schemes, stock, commodity markets, and a cowboy government "gone wild," are what the last eight years brought us.

Now that we have to pay for this obscene, juvenile behavior the GOP is wringing its hands. Crumbling roads, struggling families, education, health care, law enforcement, fire departments all cost money. Grownups pay for these things, Republicans give tax breaks to millionaires and leave the bill with the middle class -- lucky peasants. The GOP then engages in shameless, fake displays of outrage over spending.

Oh, well! I think I'll put on a cup of tea. Alice, the mad hatter and the barbarian hordes are at the door.

Thomas Evans