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Tea party: People need more say on spending

In response to Linda Lemmer's letter on June 2, it was obvious she wasn't present at the local tea party in Bemidji, or anywhere else, since she wrote that she saw the signs people were carrying on the TV news. I guess it depends on what network you were watching, but they'll show you what they want you to see. I will tell you myself what the tea parties were all about since I did attend the one in Bemidji.

Yes, we do need essential services such as police, fire departments, money for education and all the wonderful services our government provides. The point that is ignored and distorted in the mainstream media is the waste, fraud and abuse! There is so much money wasted on stupid studies alone! How about $2 million to study pig odors just for starters! Maybe we could put that money into the essential services mentioned above.

Most Americans agree, we need taxes to maintain infrastructure but we do not need the corruption and stupidity. That is the other point of the tea parties. Many who attended the Bemidji tea party simply felt there is no representation to go with our taxation. Most people I talked to were totally opposed to the huge government bailouts, but the people we elected went against our wishes and voted for it anyway.

The citizens who showed up to voice their concerns at the tea parties all over the country recognize trying to spend our way out of this mess at the expense of our great, great, great grandchildren is not the answer.

Small businesses provide for more than 90 percent of the jobs in this country. Why should they be penalized with higher taxes?

It doesn't matter how much you make. Pretty soon they will take away those tax breaks they promised to working people. I've been around for awhile and lived through many presidents and power changes in Congress. This so called "change" frightens me. It's all smoke and mirrors until we the people see it for what it is and raise our voices. I hope to see you at next year's tea party if things continue to "change."

Mark Peterson