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'Tea baggers' don't seem to understand tax system

I read some of the signs in the news that were displayed during the "tea bagging" tax protest. Interesting.

I, for one, enjoy traveling on paved roads (paid for by tax dollars). I enjoyed public education (paid for by tax dollars). I like having police and firemen, court systems, jails (paid for by tax dollars). I appreciate city, state and national parks. I eat safer because of food inspections, live in a nicer environment because of pollution control agencies, and think some youth and vulnerable adults are safer because of child protection, background inspections, nursing home inspectors, etc. Systems paid in large part by tax dollars.

I also know lots of people enjoying a couple of social programs like Medicare and Social Security.

Although I don't know the people pictured in the Pioneer, I cannot believe all of them are earning over $100,000 per year and therefore, they will be receiving a tax cut. A tax cut. I think that worthy of celebration not protestation.

Linda L. Lemmer