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Tax-and-spenders need to be retired in November

The Taxpayers League of Minnesota has just released the 2010 Legislative Scorecard, grading senators and representatives on their votes for raising taxes, spending your hard-earned money, and creating more job-killing, expensive regulations on business. Scores range from 0, the worst tax-and-spend rating, to 100, a perfect record demonstrating fiscal responsibility and control of government spending. Take a look at these scores for current DFL office-holders: District 4 Sen. Mary Olson - 17; District 4A Rep. John Persell - 0.

For decades, the Minnesota DFL has been overloading our businesses and industries with taxes and regulation. We now are seeing the disastrous results. We must vote these tax-and-spend liberals out of office in November.

Vote for:

John Carlson, District 4 Senate, and Richard Lehmann, District 4A representative.

Tom Lund