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Taking a civil look at the health care reform debate

As a business person and active voter of this community, I was asked to speak at the tax freedom protest on July 4th. The topic I was asked to speak on was "call to action." In that speech I expressed the folly of adopting the position of one-line politics which exacerbates the misunderstandings and angst of those you are trying to win over.

I invited the constituents present to consider the more civil approach of calm debate. I pointed out how important it is to engage in reasonable discussion and that only by knowing both sides of an argument can you prevail on the other to see and agree with your position, which you believe is of greater fairness and better will to the community or nation.

This is what is meant by discovering common ground. Additionally you could learn that your opponent may, God forbid, have a legitimate point in the many points of the topic.

We now have the opportunity to put this civilized method into practice by calmly engaging Mr. Peterson and others in a meaningful discussion where both they and us may shed light and truth to this most dangerous issue soon to sink the country's "quality of life." The spiraling cost of health care: We will all be negatively affected by this like it or not. There is no reason, may I say it is ludicrous, to not engage in meaningful discussion that is beneficial to all concerned.

You now have the opportunity to either bitch, bitch, bitch or engage and solve the problem.

Daniel C. Johnson