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Take a stand against incompetent government

The incompetence of government has reached epic levels, leaving millions of hapless Americans holding the bag. People are angry, but in all honesty we did this to ourselves. We voted these geniuses into office, all of us. Look around, we all did this together.

We have two choices, we can cry in our beer, or prevent it from ever happening again. We could start by voting out every incumbent, and voting in a significant number of independent party candidates to grease up negotiations, break gridlock and broaden problem-solving ideas.

The next step is to stop voting in millionaires to make policy for a largely middle class society. Think about it, nobody likes lawyers but we vote for them to run our country. It’s pure lunacy. We continuously choose greedy Republican hotshots and moronic socialist liberals, instead of common-sense, middle class Americans who are neither. These are the choices we have and if we refuse to make the right one we need to quit complaining.

Our country is one where a peaceful revolution at the polls can give the government back to the citizenry, just as it was designed by Washington and Franklin. That is our duty as Americans. That is the debt we owe to everyone who sacrificed their safety and freedom to protect ours, nothing less than making this country the absolute best it can be.

Andrew St. Peter