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Support grows for an off-leash dog park in city

I read the article on the fundraisers for the off-leash dog park in Nymore Park and wanted to add my support. We summer in this area but live in Lakeville and are close to several off-leash dog parks. When we are home, I visit them almost every day with my two dogs. Because of this my dogs have become very sociable with both other dogs and humans. I have rarely witnessed any fights between dogs and have noticed the responsible behavior of their human masters.

All poop is scooped, garbage is cleaned up and everyone seems to have a wonderful time. It's a good way for your dogs to exercise and it's a great way to meet people. I have made many good friends in my four years of walks.

I also want to note that when we travel with our dogs we always search for towns with off-leash parks and stay in that town; spending money on motels and restaurants. So please support this effort, I think it is good for the dogs and the area.

Laurie Anderson

Lakeville, Minn.