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Stolen cane was like a friend to me

A couple of years ago, when I heard some young people laughing and a car running and I realized they had stolen a lighted deer, one of a set of two. I was sad, but I figured they didn’t realize that being on disability, I had saved money to buy them and couldn’t buy any more.

But when I realized someone stole my cane out of the car, I was in shock. What kind of person steals a cane?

It was a four-footed cane, and it was unique, one of a kind, it had pretty little pink flowers on it that reminded me of dogwood flowers in the spring.

In the winter, it saved me from falling on the ice. I have bad lungs, bad kidneys and a bad disc in my back. That cane was like a friend to me. I’d had it for several years.

The insurance company won’t buy me another cane, and I can’t afford on $514 a month to buy a new one.

So, if you took my cane for fun, please, please return it, no questions asked, and if anyone sees my cane, please let me or the police department know. They said it was the only one like it sold in Bemidji, so it really stands out. Please help me find my cane or bring it home.

Theresa Henderson