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Smell from Northwood Panelboard still present

I have lived about 3 miles away from Northwood in Solway pretty much my whole life, so 39 years, long before the plant moved in. The stench from the plant has gotten so bad that it has triggered off my migraines. I live in pain. I know there was an article in the Bemidji Pioneer awhile ago and it was going to be fixed. It would cost Northwood a lot of money but it would fix the problem.

Well I thought maybe this summer it was going to be fixed. Now winter is coming and the smell has gotten worse. Something has to be done I pay taxes and I have to smell that stench all day and night and live in pain. Where is EPA or Pollution Control? Something has to be done. You drive down U.S. 2 west of Bemidji past Wilton then just follow your nose. The smell will take you there; especially if the wind is from the south or southwest.

If you know where to complain about this problem please inform everyone. I am sure others that live in the vicinity of this stench will complain.

Jan Maruska