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Skunk shooting was handled badly

I am disappointed in the way our law enforcement department treats citizens they evidently feel are not important enough for them to bother with.

Last week there was a skunk in a live trap in a trailer court. Law enforcement was asked for help in dealing with it.

The officer who responded came and shot the skunk three times right below the bedroom window of a lady in her ninth month of pregnancy and a small child living there.

He says he did knock on the door to let her know, but he had more important things to do than wait for her to get to the door. Also after shooting the skunk he left it there to stink. He had more important things to do than to get rid of it.

When the lady called the sheriff to complain about the smell, he said the officer was one of his best men, and a good shot, although he had to shoot three times.

He said his officer had done the right thing and couldn’t be bothered with taking the skunk away.

He was very rude to the lady and blamed her for not getting to the door in time and told her his officer had better things to do than getting rid of the skunk.

Maybe the officer did follow protocol, but did the sheriff have to be so rude? Aren’t there more efficient ways of dealing with problems they consider beneath their notice? A little courtesy would have gone a long way.

DNR and police should have a good relationship with the public. If this happened on Birchmont Drive would it have been handled differently? If this had been your daughter or family treated this way, how would you feel?

The wildlife management for FNR or an exterminator could have handled this better. The protocol needs to be changed. The sheriff has just lost my vote. How about you?

Willow Frishman