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Skoe, Democrats have mismanaged this state

Please stop putting a picture of Comrade Rod Skoe in the paper looking down his nose at us yet again; same picture, same whining. It should be obvious to the most casual observer that Skoe and those of his ilk have completely mismanaged this state, and their combined brain power comes up with massive tax increases across the board and blaming the governor as their solution.

This is absolutely pathetic. It is predictable but pathetic. These people are very bad for the state of Minnesota because they know what they are doing but they do not care. Either that or they are extremely dumb as a group. I choose to think that it is both. Either way they should resign as a matter of honor because they cannot run this state. If they cared they would stop spending money this state does not have.

As long as the lobby that put them there gets what they want, these political hacks will keep getting elected and this state will be just like our sister socialist state, California. Both will be bankrupt. The word honor means nothing to these people. That is not a typo. Go ahead and take exception. I do not care. You can't run this state! Resign! Now!

As long as the teachers and the farmers get what they want, these bad legislators will keep getting elected until there is no more money. I'm sorry, there is no more money now.

These clowns promised property tax reform for the last couple of election cycles. They lied. I'm sorry, they told the truth. My property tax doubled. How about yours? Not the reform I thought they meant. But then I was not fool enough to vote for these dangerous goofballs. And they just keep coming up with more ways to spend money and they just keep blaming the governor.

Stop spending money we do not have! Look at me when I am talking to you.

Bob Arnold