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Shocked at city's ignorance in turning down Zorbaz

On a personal comment to the city of Bem-idji's once again passing up an amazing oppor-tunity to take in new business and possibly make some money. I'm shocked at their ignorance in turning down Zorbaz' owner to stay open till 2 a.m. I say good for him! He should stand his ground on his integrity and what has made his business so successful!

I know several people from Bemidji that make the trip to another city to go to Zorbaz and our city just screwed up a great opportunity! Will this City Council ever learn?

It makes more sense to them to turn down new business and cut things like police, parks and recreation, etc., because our fair city can't figure out how to make money on their own. We have to "borrow" it from the state every year.

Come on! We are a great city to live in let's live up to it! Why in the world are we building this event center if we aren't going to let in more businesses that will make it more attractive?

Christina Regas