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Shame 20 people can have so much say in city

I cannot believe that 20 people have so much power in Bemidji that they were able to have a beautifully painted beaver removed. What does this say about the power of people in Bemidji? It says that when certain people in Bemidji talk results happen.

It is a shame that they don't actually complain about things that actually matter. Let's see if those 20 people are more worried about a piece of art than an unsafe pipeline, or the money being spent on a hockey arena, oops sorry, the convention center. I can't believe the way people think in this town.

What a shame that so many of our "Higher Officials" are afraid of what the small majority of Bemidji has to say and totally offend the artist and the beauty of her work. I think it is time for the "Old Boys Club" here in Bemidji get off of their high horse and give all of us here in Bemidji a chance.

Tracey Barnum