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Sending our hard-earned money where we want

In response to Kathy Winger's letter, I am a Christian, I do love my neighbor and I am not just "out for myself." It seems as if the "rights" you are so in favor of are the right for you to reach into my pocket and jerk my hard-earned money out to pay for whatever cause or charity you think is just, right and humanitarian without regard to my rights and desires. I worked really hard to earn it and I can distribute it without your help, thank you.

You are right, we do still have freedom of speech. In addition to that freedom we still have the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," so I wish you and others like you would get out of my life and let me have the liberty to pursue happiness without you telling me how to do it. In other words ... leave me alone and let me take care of myself! If you feel certain people need help, help them yourself and I will do the same, my way.

Lenny Wollitz

Mazatlan, Sin., Mexico