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Sen. Olson well-informed on health care reforms

I am writing in support of Mary Olson for state senator for District 4. Mary has four years of experience working in the state Senate, and has 15 years of experience as an attorney. She knows firsthand how the lack of consumer protection can hurt individuals and families. One of her goals is to pass legislation that tips the scales back to better protection for people, especially in the area of making health care financially accessible to all.

Another area on which she wants to focus is legislation that would address the reimbursement disparity for hospitals and nursing homes that exists between the metro and rural areas. According to The World Factbook statistics posted on the Central Intelligence Agency website, the United States ranks 45th in the world for infant mortality rates which is "often used as an indicator of the level of health in a country."

We have a higher infant mortality rate than 44 other countries including Cuba, Taiwan, Canada and much of Europe. Sen. Olson went to Canada to learn from those who are working in that medical system. She continues to inform and educate herself on these issues, and in her own words (from her website), "I will continue to be one of the most outspoken voices at the Capitol in support of affordable access to quality health care in rural Minnesota." Sen. Olson has more information about health care and other issues on her website.

Educate yourself, go to forums and debates, ask questions of Sen. Olson and the vote in November. Please join me to re-elect Sen. Olson as the senator for District 4.

Leanne Jaskowiak