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Seek out truth on Israeli policies

With regards to the Dec. 8 letter to editor (“Claim insults democracy, soldiers”), American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is the official name for the powerful interests who exert enormous influence in America and especially Washington, D.C., for the continual benefit of Israel. I do not know specific names, but these folks work very hard to discourage Americans from understanding the shocking realities of the Palestinian-Israeli situation, and to channel at least $6 billion to $9 billion of annual aid to Israel, one of the most prosperous nations on earth, not to mention the huge amount of other aid, hidden within our U.S. budget.

I agree that our blind, no-questions-asked policy of backing Israeli persecution of the Palestinians is an insult to the men and women who defend our nation. Perhaps a vital democracy depends upon an informed citizenry, which seeks out the truth about the brutal, world destabilizing policies of Israel. Should you decide to study about the real truth of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Internet will be of great assistance or I have many reference items to suggest.

Bernie Uran