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Search for real truth about Middle East

Thank you for publishing the letter from Dan Sinykin (Nov. 21) regarding the Israeli aggression in Gaza. (One cannot but attribute it to the election of Barak Obama, considering its timing, with the knowledge that it has been planned for a long time.)

It confirms my belief that all people are individuals, including the young Palestinian man, possibly Hamas, who offers pictures of his family and his job. Then regarding Israel says “I think they will kill us.” What other conclusion can be reached with agreements to open the Rafah border, agreed upon by Israel with the stipulation that males between the ages of 18 and 40 not be allowed out of Gaza. Why do I think he is the bravest young man in the world?

The aggressor is Israel. That can be confirmed by looking at the website for the United Nations and searching for “Palestine.” Resolutions 181 and 242 both set borders. Israel violated them in 1967 (and every day since with its settlers), which is why the Palestinians have accepted Resolution 242, with its pre-1967 borders. Israel demands to protect its settlers, who are in fact advance soldiers in Israel’s constant quest for more land and power.

The most heart rending is the misinformation and the slanted presentation of selected few facts to the American people by the American media. We must take it upon ourselves to search for the real truth, and be more active in our government’s decisions about the use of American military and American aid to other country’s militaries.