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SCSU faculty: Transcripts changed without input

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SCSU faculty: Transcripts changed without input
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ST. CLOUD, Minn. (AP) — St. Cloud State University professors say some students transcripts have been changed without the instructors input — and that's an ethical breach.

Faculty association president Stephen Hornstein says students' grades were disappearing from their transcripts without instructors being notified. He says a student would take a course, get a poor grade and then a semester or two later, the grade wouldn't be on his or her transcript.

Students can petition to have a course removed, but under university rules, school administrators are required to notify the course instructor whenever they change a grade.

Provost Devinder Molhotra tells Minnesota Public Radio News it was clear protocol was not being followed. So a memo was issued to deans and associate deans reiterating the policy. Faculty members have asked the administration to issue regular reports that detail transcript changes.

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